Music is soul of the universe. The OMKARAM is being heard everywhere in the universe and all other sound emerges out of these “OMKARANADAM”.This OMKARANADAM gives birth to Ragam.It is said Saraswathi plays Veena, Nandi plays Mridangam, Lord Krishna plays Flute and only very few knew that Lord Rama also plays Veena. Bharthanatyam is one of Lord Shiva’s Favourite art.

Such divine music is diminishing and this is being taken as a secondary option in learning Curriculum  If at all there is an interest in music field, it is only for Cinema and Western style of music. In order to break these two attitudes and to impart more of Classical style of music with complete basic knowledge in  Swaram, Ragam, Thalam and Sruthi, this unique institution Dr Surya Temple of Music  started with 3 students in Veena and 2 in Mridangam . It has also started  its branches in Chittlapakkam and Redhills.